Mar 16, 2018

Mikasa eyeshadow brush review and discount code....

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Good morning ladies and happy Friday,

let´s talk beauty today. A few weeks ago a company called Mikasa reached out to me if I was interested in testing their products. They are selling make-up brushes and after a quick look on their site I was thrilled and wanted to try them immidiately. 

In fact I was on the hunt for a new set of eyeshadow brushes so this chance came in the right time. I got the Essential brow set and plus one eyeshadow brush for free. Obviously it was a test run before actually launching this extra brush.

They arrived after a few weeks (came from Canada and I am here in Germany) I started to test them. I have been using them fo about 6 weeks now and I must admit I have one definite favorite.

For the main color of eyeshadow on my lids I am using this brush and it is perfect for getting a solid shade on. 

I am using this brush for blending in my eyeshadow and it works just fine. The hairs have the right amount of strength to blend the color beautifully. 

This is my favorite brush. The double ends are perfect to do your eyebrows. You can comb it with the one side and fill them in with the other side. The brush is perfect to put on your eyebrow powder. It really takes up a lot of powder and it is soft but not to soft. 

Although this is a concealer brush I am using it for drawing a thin line of eyeshadow on the outer corner of my lower lash line. This works perfectly since the brush is so thin.

Overall the set is great and the brushes are made of good quality. Another good reason to get them is that they are made of synthetic hair cause I can´t use brushes made of real hair, they cause an allergic reaction on my skin.

For getting your first set of brushe I have a discount code for you guys. Just type in the code at checkout and you will get a 25% off. 

Discount code:

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Mar 15, 2018

Colorful stripes by esmara and royal blue for Spring....

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Hi guys,
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you all might know by now that I have a huge affinity for colors. The bolder the better and the more the merrier. 

This sweater I have found last week was perfect to satisty my hunger for colors. It is from esmara by Lidl and was designed by Heidi Klum. It is such a veratile sweater you can combine to many colors and it looks cute with skirts and pants as well. 

The sweater is about 13 Euros which makes it really affordable. The material is super soft and I think the quality is great for the price.

I paired the sweater with a royal blue skirt I have owned for years now. The color is so vibrant and bold I just love how it pops especially when it is gray all day. 

My white Mario Valentino bowling bag and a pair of red wedges add some freshness to the look. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some beauty news and a discount code.

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